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Safeguarding Adults Board Strategic Plan 2018-21

Jane Geraghty

Statement by Jane Geraghty
Independent Chair - Bradford Safeguarding Adults Board

I am pleased to announce we have now published our three year Strategic Plan which details how we will work in the future to keep people safe. Safeguarding Adults Boards have a statutory duty under the Care Act (2014) to produce and share this strategic plan.

Our plan will highlight how we will work to prevent abuse and neglect, with specific details around how we will help protect people with care and support needs at risk of abuse and neglect.

The evolution of this plan started back in February 2018, where we worked with our partners to gather ideas on what we wanted to see in our new plan. This gave us a great opportunity to learn and reflect on what we were doing well and what else we needed to do to ensure that our safeguarding arrangements were more robust in the future.

In the summer months of 2018 our consultations began with facilitated online consultations. These were opened to partner agencies, staff across all organisations and sectors, people who use our services, carers, community groups and the wider public. We also ran a series of community and user engagement events. Nearly 300 people told us what they thought. The feedback we received was positive with some great insights on what else we could do. I want to personally thank everyone involved who helped shape and influence our plan.

We have identified three key priorities which will enable us to work towards our Vison and Mission, which underpins everything we do moving into 2019 and beyond.

These three priorities are as follows:

  1. People & Outcomes - Making Safeguarding Personal
    We want to empower people, supporting and encouraging them to have choice, control and independence when protecting and keeping them safe.
  2. Systems, Processes & Performance - Checking and improving how we work
    When safeguarding people, we need to have good quality systems and processes in place which are then tracked to ensure they are working well.
  3. Organisations, Professionals & Communities - Working together with everyone to prevent abuse from happening
    This is about partnership working and responsibility where everyone understands what abuse is and how to respond.

After taking nearly nine months to get our plan ready I am confident that our plan is what you have asked for, and one which is right for the people of Bradford District.

I feel we have been ambitious this is required however I am optimistic the challenges we may face can be met. With strong leadership of the Safeguarding Adults Board partnership and all the fantastic work that is already happening by staff and organisations across Team Bradford I am confident our plan is achievable.

Our plan highlights our priorities and objectives over the next three years but we will review and update it annually to make sure that it’s working the way it should.

Our Delivery Plan (which is our action plan) will detail the progress we are making and we will make this available on this page in spring 2019.

If you would like more information about our Strategic Plan or would like to talk to us about anything else please contact the Safeguarding Adults Board, please email

I look forward to working with everyone over the coming years, so that we can move forward together with our new plan in keeping adults safe.

Jane Geraghty
Independent Chair
Bradford Safeguarding Adults Board