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Safeguarding Adults Training Courses

If you work in health, social care and related services, either as a paid worker or volunteer, you have a role to play in promoting the rights of people who use services and safeguarding them from harm or neglect:

  • you have a duty of care
  • you are in a position of trust and adults at risk rely on you to support them
  • you need to learn to recognise and report any type of abuse.

Bradford District Safeguarding Adults Board offer a variety of multi-agency safeguarding adults training courses which can help people understand how they can safeguard adults. It is highly recommended that everyone who works with or around adults at risk ensures that their own training is up to date.

Information about all Safeguarding Adults training courses and how to book a place is provided below:


Please click the relevant link below to  log in/create an account and use the search field in the top right hand corner to find the course you wish to book on. Please note to access the course booking system you will need to use an up to date Internet Explorer browser 10 or above or Google Chrome.

Dashboard - Enable (

Please note – external users will need to sign up/sign into their account before being able to view accurate places available as each course is set into allocations for the individual agencies so will only show once it knows where you work. If the course date you want is full you can email us at to be placed on the waiting list. Most of our courses run from 9.30am to 4.30pm, with registration from 9am and our half day courses 9.30am to 12.30pm. This will be stated on the course flyer and confirmation email. Please ensure you can attend the whole course prior to booking.

The demand for places on training courses is high and we want to make sure every place booked is a place used. We incur costs in order to provide courses and need to be assured that we are spending our budget wisely. A cancellation charge will be applied for all places unless:

  • Notice of the need to cancel the place has been received by the Training Administrator (by email or telephone) at least 5 working days prior for ½ and 1 day courses or at least 10 working days prior for 2 day courses.
  • You/your agency have identified a suitable substitute to attend in your place.

Please see our FAQ document for further details and charges (PDF)

For any queries, please contact:

Michelle Jones

Training Administrator

Tuesday 9th April 2024

Friday 6th September 2024

Tuesday 14th January 2024

The level 1 training session is around 1hr 30 minutes and looks at identifying financial abuse and exploitation. We also explore different types of scams and fraud seen nationally and locally. The session outlines how financial abuse comes under The Care Act 2014 and how as professionals we can safeguard service users from financial abuse and exploitation. We aim to address the stigma attached to being scammed and how we can change this.

The role of WYFEAT (West Yorkshire Financial Exploitation and Abuse Team) and the referral process will also be explained in detail. Finally, the session looks at what practical measures are available to victims in West Yorkshire in order combat financial abuse and exploitation.

Trainer - Georgina Rushforth - Safeguarding Officer

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Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th June 2024

Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th September 2024

This two-day, face-to-face programme is aimed at managers and team leaders of any services who contribute to the care or support of adults at risk of abuse and neglect. This can include, for example,  housing, education, advocacy and police as well as health and social care. We will explore the experiences and aspirations of adults with care and support needs and discuss practical implications and solutions for managers of services. Using a range of facilitated discussions and interactive group exercises, participants will be encouraged to build on their existing knowledge and experience and to think about how learning can be applied to their particular service, role and responsibilities.

Content includes:

  • How adults in Bradford might experience abuse and neglect: With a focus on human rights and ‘Making Safeguarding Personal’, exploring models of coercion and control to look at how abuse can happen in different situations.
  • The legal frameworks and local arrangements for safeguarding adults: Using legislation and examples from case law to explore how different legal frameworks apply in different situations and how the local multiagency arrangements might work in practice.
  • The Manager’s role and contribution to different stages of safeguarding procedures: Practical tips on how to use the procedures most effectively and how the procedures fit with other guidelines such as managing incidents, staff capability and misconduct.
  • Safeguarding Leadership: exploring how participants can monitor safeguarding in their service and create a positive, open safeguarding culture within the staff team.

Friday 17th May 2024

Tuesday 16th July 2024

Tuesday 10th September 2024

Thursday 7th November 2024

Wednesday 5th March 2025

This 3 hour face to face training session is aimed at professionals who contribute to the care or support of adults at risk of abuse and neglect. This can include, for example, housing, education, advocacy and police as well as health and social care.

The session will provide an understanding of what Making Safeguarding Personal is and how to apply this when working with vulnerable adults who are most at risk. This interactive training will draw on facilitated discussions and interactive group exercises to inform learning and putting Making Safeguarding Personal into practice. 

Learning outcomes:

What Making Safeguarding Personal is

How to apply Making Safeguarding Personal in Practice

Understanding the importance of Making Safeguarding Personal

when learning from Local Safeguarding Adults Review


Margaret McMillan Tower; View Room

To register please go here (Once registered/logged in please click on the events tab)

Thursday 18th April 2024

Thursday 11th July  2024

Tuesday 17th September  2024

Tuesday 19th November 2024

Thursday 16th January 2025

This 1-day face to face course will explore different types of abuse and the safeguarding process of how to respond and report. You will receive training and guidance in the following areas:

  • Who to safeguard and from what
  • Different types of abuse
  • Who is at risk
  • Who may abuse - and why
  • Adults procedures/ Care Act guidance for safeguarding adults
  • Legislation that provides powers when sharing information
  • Raising a safeguarding concern
  • Police powers.
  • Organisational safeguarding concerns
  • Human rights and making safeguarding personal
  • Safeguarding Adult Reviews

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the day you will have extended your knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • The different types of abuse adults in the Bradford District might experience.
  • Awareness of signs and indicators of abuse
  • Recognising signs of abuse and neglect of adults in different circumstances.
  • The support available to adults experiencing abuse.
  • Procedures for safeguarding ‘adults at risk’, which will include barriers to sharing information, confidentiality and consent.
  • Increased confidence in knowing what to do if you are concerned about abuse or neglect.

Who should attend?

This 1-day face to face training session is aimed at professionals who contribute to the care or support of adults at risk of abuse and neglect. This can include, for example, housing, adult education, advocacy and police. as well as health and social care

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Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Thursday 12th September 2024 

Thursday 4th February 2025 

This training session will look at relevant parts of the Human Rights Act and the main legal frameworks which underpin initiatives and procedures used to support adults who may be experiencing abuse or neglect. This will cover some legal principles and structure of the law, looking at the scope, application and limitations of different pieces of legislation, illustrating with case scenarios and relevant case-law. The focus will be on the legal framework underpinning safeguarding responses and associated powers and obligations on health and social care professionals.

Course content will cover legal frameworks related to -

  • Human Rights
  • Safeguarding Adults (at risk)
  • Consent and Mental Capacity
  • Information sharing
  • Crime and Disorder Act
  • FGM
  • Deprivation of Liberty
  • Domestic Abuse / MARAC
  • Wilful neglect

Key references will include e.g. Human Rights Act (1998), The Care Act (2014), Mental Capacity Act (2005), Sexual Offences Act 2003, Crime and Disorder Act 1998, Serious Crime Act (2015), Equality Act (2010). Reference will also be made to legal concepts such as burden and thresholds for proof, inherent jurisdiction, proportionality and reasonableness.

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Monday 15th July 2024

Thursday 19th September 2024


10.00 – 16.00

This multi-agency training consists of seven sessions, which will comprise PowerPoint Slide Shows, presented ‘live’ using MS Teams. Each presentation will be around 20-30 minutes, from 10am- 4pm, after which there will be time for Q&A, discussion and reflection. Links will be contained within the Slide Shows or sent separately in an email. Short film clips are used to bring the research close to practice.

Session 1 Understanding Trauma

Session 2 What might contemporary science be able to tell us about Trauma?

Session 3 Recognising and working with traumatised individuals

Session 4 Working with Traumatised Children and Adults 

Session 5 Recovering from Trauma

Session 6 The ‘Art and Science of Relationships’

Session 7 What is Compassion Fatigue and what can we do about it?

Participants will receive PDFs of each PowerPoint presentation at the end of the programme. The session is for all multi-agency professionals.

Presenter: Professor David Shemmings OBE PHD, Emeritus Professor University of Kent, Visiting Professor, Royal Holloway University of London.

This training is aimed for those professionals working with Adults or Children.   

To register please go here (Once registered/logged in please click on the events tab)