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Board Manager's Blog (April 2024) Fri 19 Apr 2024

Darren Minton the Board Manager of BDSCP & BSAB Business Unit talks about Stalking



April Awareness: Shining a Light on the Shadows of Stalking"

Each April, we focus on a critical yet often overlooked danger: stalking. This month, as National Stalking Awareness Week takes place, we spotlight this issue that silently affects countless individuals across our district.

Stalking is a pattern of behaviour that is not only invasive but can escalate into severe threats and physical harm if not addressed. It's essential to recognize that anyone can be a target of stalking, and understanding its signs and ramifications is the first step towards combating it.

In our conversation today, we aim to unpick the nature of stalking, provide clarity on its signs and the psychological toll on its victims, and discuss proactive steps for protection and support. Knowledge is our best defence against stalking. By spreading awareness and offering resources, we empower our community to stand strong against these hidden threats.

Where to Seek Advice & Support:

If you or someone you know is experiencing stalking, it's crucial to seek help immediately. Here are some invaluable resources:

  • SaferBradford  Website : Provides local guidance and support options.
  • West Yorkshire Police  Website: Important for reporting incidents and understanding the legal actions that can be taken.
  • Suzy Lamplugh Trust Website: Offers extensive personal safety resources and advice on stalking.

Expanding the Conversation and Advice on Stalking:

  1. Document Everything:Keep detailed records of all incidents, including dates, times, descriptions, and communications. This documentation can be crucial in law enforcement investigations and legal proceedings.
  2. Enhance Personal Security:Consider changes that can increase your safety, such as altering routines, securing personal information, and using privacy settings on social media. Consult with professionals for security advice and consider tools like security cameras if necessary.
  3. Seek Legal Advice:Understand your rights and available legal remedies. Restraining orders or protective orders can legally prevent the stalker from approaching or contacting you.
  4. Community and Social Support:Contact friends, family, and support groups. Their support can provide emotional comfort and practical help, such as escorting you in situations where you might feel unsafe.
  5. Professional Counselling:Stalking can have significant psychological impacts. Professional counsellors or therapists can help manage the emotional stress and trauma resulting from such experiences.

As we advance through this month, let's be determined to shine a light on the shadows of stalking. With each conversation, story shared, and resource provided, we reinforce our community's resilience and commitment to safeguarding each other.

Stalking is a challenging issue, but together, we have the power to confront and overcome it. Every step to educate ourselves and support those affected brings us closer to a community where safety and peace are the norm.

Your engagement is essential. Let us continue to build on the strengths of the Bradford District community, ensuring a safer environment for everyone.

Until next month 

Warm regards & Thank you

Darren Minton